Our volunteers are the heart and soul of the success of Great Strides. They are a group of wonderful, caring people that show up every week for no other reason than to work with our riders and see the riders enjoy themselves. One of the biggest benefits our riders received is the special attention they get from the volunteers and fun they have getting to know them and showing them what they are able to do. The riders and volunteers form a bond that grows from week to week and when the riders graduate, the volunteers are always very proud of the progress they have made.

Volunteer Training

Great Strides holds a volunteer training session at the beginning of each new riding season in April. Other training is offered at different times throughout the year for new volunteers to learn about each job so they can decide which one is a good fit for their abilities and interests.

Volunteer Responsibilities 

Volunteers must be able to commit for a six-week riding session and must notify the instructor if they are unable to attend a lesson. Volunteers must be prompt for the lessons, must enforce rules of safety, and must notify the instructor of any problems with the horse or rider. Volunteers must wear appropriate clothing.

Volunteer Jobs

  • Leading horses during lessons – experience required
  • Side walking with the riders to provide safety and carry out instruction
  • Assisting the instructor with games and exercise activities
  • Assisting in grooming and tacking the horses
  • Greeting riders as they arrived and helping them put on their helmet
  • Serving refreshments after the lessons
  • Encouraging accomplishments of the riders. They love to show off what they can do!
  • Helping with cleaning and maintaining tack and special equipment
  • Helping with horse care
  • Helping with fundraising events


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